May 2020 Newsletter

You can rest assured that we are implementing the necessary procedures for as recommended by the CDC. The procedures include:

  • Limiting number of patients in the office
  • Sanitizing surfaces
  • Checking temperature of everyone entering the office
  • Wearing masks
  • Maintaining physical distancing between patients


Is Vitamin D important in fighting COVID -19 infection?
Several different studies have found that the highest death rates from COVID-19 occurred in populations that had a higher percentage of people with low vitamin D and that the sickest patients had the lowest levels of vitamin D.
Vitamin D is an important component for the optimum function of the immune system.  Experts believe vitamin D may help to prevent the over reaction of the immune system called a cytokine storm, which can be fatal.

Sitting too much? Try this exercise.

Have you been sitting more recently during the “stay-at-home” order during the COVID-19 outbreak?  Have you developed some low back pain or hip discomfort?  Here is a simple exercise that might help.

Prolonged sitting can lead to back and hip pain. The muscles at the front of the hip can become tight or shortened which can contribute to low back pain.