August Newsletter

Eating Fruits Reduces Depression

Researchers from Aston University in Birmingham, England have found a significantly lower rate of depression among people who consume more fruit. They surveyed over 400 participants about their diet and measured levels of anxiety.  They found that lower rates of depression were associated with higher fruit consumption.

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Moderate Physical Activity Helps the Brain 

Moderate physical activity helps to improve brain size. Researchers from the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases analyzed physical activity data from 2,550 volunteers aged 30 to 94 years, as well as brain images obtained by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). They found that nearly all areas of the brain showed increased volume, with almost any level of exercise.

“Our study results indicate that even small behavioral changes, such as walking 15 minutes a day or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, may have a substantial positive effect on the brain and potentially counteract age-related loss of brain matter and the development of neurodegenerative diseases. In particular, older adults can already profit from modest increases of low intensity physical activity.”

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Eating Jarlsberg cheese may improve bone health without raising cholesterol

Eating some Jarlsberg cheese might help maintain bone density without raising cholesterol. Researchers believe that Jarlsberg cheese contains bacteria that produces a substance called DNHA which is known to help maintain and restore bone health. Jarlsberg cheese contains higher levels of vitamin K2 than other types of cheese. Vitamin K2 plays an important role in maintaining bone health.

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