Arthritis Spinal Stenosis



The term “arthritis” refers to many different types of arthritis.  The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis or degenerative arthritis. Osteoarthritis affects many joints in the body including the foot, knee, hip, shoulders and hand.  Osteoarthritis also affects the spine. Symptoms of arthritis of the spine include pain and stiffness. The stiffness is sometimes worse in the morning and, in mild cases is relieved with mild activity.  Some people find that their arthritis pain is relieved with chiropractic manipulation. This is especially important when certain medications for arthritis are not tolerated well by the patient.

More advanced osteoarthritis of the spine sometimes leads to spinal stenosis.  Spinal stenosis occurs when arthritis of the spine encroaches on the spinal canal where the spinal nerves are located.  We have found that the chiropractic method of Cox flexion distraction used on patients with spinal stenosis provides some relief for this condition.  Additionally, some types of back and neck stretches can help patients with arthritis and spinal stenosis.

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