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August Newsletter

Eating Fruits Reduces Depression Researchers from Aston University in Birmingham, England have found a significantly lower rate of depression among people who consume more fruit. They surveyed over 400 participants about their diet and measured levels of anxiety.  They found that lower rates of depression were associated with higher fruit consumption. Story here. Moderate Physical Activity Helps […]

October Newsletter

Happy Halloween! Some Halloween facts: An estimated 65% of Americans will celebrate Halloween or participate in Halloween activities this year. 44% of us plan to carve a pumpkin. Total spending in 2021 on Halloween is expected to reach $10.1 billion, with the average consumer planning to spend $102.74 on decorations, candy, costumes and more. Source: […]

September Newsletter

It’s been a long 18 months since the Covid-19 restrictions began. I feel fortunate to be able to return to ECU this season to provide chiropractic care to the student athletes at ECU.     Intermittent fasting can cut the risk of diabetes and heart disease Time restricted eating or intermittent fasting may help prevent […]

August Newsletter

Yogurt might help prevent Alzheimer’s disease Researchers in Ireland have shown that the effects of Alzheimer’s can be delayed by changing the gut microbiome. In the study, performed on mice, memory problems were reversed after old mice were given friendly gut bacteria. The research suggests gut-friendly bacteria could help to ward off Alzheimer’s disease. Story here. […]

July Newsletter

Greetings Everyone: The hot summer months are upon us. Be sure to stay hydrated. Here are some tips: Hydrate before a strenuous activity When working in the heat, drink about a cup of water every 15-20 minutes, or about 24-32 oz. per hour Remember to hydrate after work It’s a good idea to start each […]

April 2021 Newsletter

Greetings to All: As the school year winds down and the weather warms up, we will all be more active outdoors. Here is a simple, safe exercise to help improve low back strength and stability. The side plank.   What our patients are saying: “I posted a question on Facebook asking for suggestions for a […]

July Newsletter

Greetings: We hope you like our July newsletter. We would sincerely like to thank all of you for your referrals to our office. We take great pride in knowing that you have the confidence in us to recommend our office to your family and friends as we continue to proudly serve our patients during the Covid-19 […]

June Newsletter

June Newsletter Greetings: It’s the start of summer, and we hope that you are doing well during these interesting times. We urge all of you to practice reasonable social distancing recommendations such as maintaining six foot separation, wearing masks, and congregating with fewer than ten people. Together we can slow the spread of the virus […]

May 2020 Newsletter

You can rest assured that we are implementing the necessary procedures for as recommended by the CDC. The procedures include: Limiting number of patients in the office Sanitizing surfaces Checking temperature of everyone entering the office Wearing masks Maintaining physical distancing between patients   Is Vitamin D important in fighting COVID -19 infection? Several different […]

Sitting too much? Try this exercise.

Have you been sitting more recently during the “stay-at-home” order during the COVID-19 outbreak?  Have you developed some low back pain or hip discomfort?  Here is a simple exercise that might help. Prolonged sitting can lead to back and hip pain. The muscles at the front of the hip can become tight or shortened which […]