Upper Back Relief Stretch

Help for upper back pain

We see many patients who need help with upper back and neck pain at our office.  Often it is the result of frequent use of smart phones and sitting at the computer in a forward flexed posture.  This forward flexed or slouched position creates stress on the muscles of the neck.  Eventually the muscles and joints of the upper back and neck become fatigued and painful.  Try the “Brugger relief position” to reduce neck and upper back pain.  When you do this stretch, you strengthen muscles, improve circulation, and reduce joint pain.  We recommend doing one set of ten repetitions 4-6 times per day. 

Have a look at this video to see how to properly perform the “Brugger relief position.”   It is an effective technique that provides help for upper back pain.   We have shown many patients this exercise and most of them return to our office telling us that this exercise helps to reduce their upper back and neck pain.

You can find more information about back exercises at our back exercise page.  

Other causes of upper back pain are discussed here.

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