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We are different than most other chiropractic offices.  At our office we focus on fixing your problem.  Every back or neck pain problem has a unique underlying cause and a unique treatment plan to fix it.  We get to the root of your problem with a thorough examination and then develop an efficient and effective treatment plan to help you recover as quickly as possible.

We use a combination of manual therapy, therapeutic modalities, lifestyle modification and rehab exercises in our treatment plans.  Each treatment plan is tailored for your individual needs to ensure the best possible outcome.  Our average treatment plan is five or six visits, not six months of care!  We don’t tell people that they need to be seen three times per week for twelve weeks or twenty-four weeks.

Once you have improved, we want to keep you that way. We will show you some exercises that can help to prevent your problem from returning.

We have 4 goals for you:

  1. Determine the underlying cause of your pain
  2. Implement a treatment plan to fix your problem
  3. Get you better as quickly as possible
  4. Give you the tools to prevent recurrence and stay healthy

• Your pain relief starts here
• Forty years of experience
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Our Services

Lower Back Pain

Headache Treatment

Neck Pain

Upper Back Pain

Auto Accident

Sciatica Herniated Disc

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What People Are Saying About Us.

I am so happy that I found Dr. McGee’s office. Chiropractic has given me the best pain relief and has enabled me to truly enjoy my life better.  I have the the best chiropractor and also enjoy his friendly staff.

After suffering with lower back pain and sciatica for a very long time, I am now pain free thanks to Dr. McGee.  I am so glad I decided to seek chiropractic care

Dr. McGee and the staff are wonderful.  They genuinely care about my wellbeing.  I have referred many friends and colleagues to McGee Chiropractic and will continue to do so

Dr. McGee is very thorough in explaining the ‘why’ behind my pain and/or course of therapy needed”… “The office is well run (little to no waiting) and exceptionally personable.

That first visit changed the quality of my life!! I know it sounds “hokey” but I literally wanted to leave the office shouting “It’s a miracle!!” I felt relief right away, but I felt even better with the exercises the staff showed me how to do.

Dr. McGee is my new best friend!

Dr. McGee provides excellent care as well as tips and exercises to help prevent further injuries. What is there not to love about McGee Chiropractic! It is easy to schedule appointments and there is limited wait time once you arrive.

Not only was Dr. McGee able to help me tremendously, the staff is FANTASTIC. The entire staff knows me by name, I couldn’t imagine going to any other chiropractor!

When I explained my symptoms to Dr. McGee, he knew immediately that the root of my problem was osteoarthritis in my neck, elbow, and hand; once again I am feeling terrific!

As a result of my treatments, the pain eased off, and I was able to quickly return to the softball field and umpire the remainder of the season….Without a doubt I made the right decision of where to get treated for my injury. Thanks Dr. McGee and all his great staff. I’m already telling people how to find your office

Caring staff. They always get you in to see Dr. McGee, even at a moment’s notice.

How to Find Us

Dr. McGee treats back, neck, and shoulder pain, work or sports-related injuries, pain as a result of auto accidents, and pain related to sciatica and herniated discs. McGee Chiropractic is located in Greenville, NC and serves those throughout Pitt County and Eastern North Carolina, including residents of Winterville, Farmville, Grimesland, Vanceboro, Ayden, Grifton, Bethel, Washington, and Williamston.