Upper Back Pain Shoulder Treatment

Shoulder – Upper Back Pain

Frequently, shoulder pain can be the result of referred pain from the joints and muscles of the neck.  Inflammation of the joints in the neck can refer pain to areas or patches of pain over the back and over the shoulder blades.

A common, yet often overlooked, condition that causes neck and shoulder pain is the upper cross syndrome (UCS).  UCS is the result of persistent and chronic poor posture. It is characterized by forward head posture and rounded shoulders that can occur with prolonged sitting.  The result is tightness of muscles in the upper back and shoulder and some muscles in the chest. It also causes weakness of some muscles in the front of the neck and in the lower part of the shoulder blades.  This persistent muscle imbalance can lead to chronic shoulder pain and neck pain. UCS can be successfully managed with the use of spinal manipulation, specific stretches and exercises for the upper extremities and back.

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