Therapeutic Exercises

Exercises can help control low back pain.  It is thought that improving the strength and endurance of the low back and abdominal muscles can improve the stability of the lumbopelvic region.  Certain exercises are better than others to accomplish this as some exercises may actually harm the ligaments of the low back. As an example, the typical sit-up creates about 730 pounds of compressive load on the lumbar spine.  This type of repetitive motion may damage the intervertebral disc. As part of our treatment for low back pain, we recommend “McGill’s Big Three” exercises which have been shown to be safe and effective exercises for back rehabilitation.

Similarly, exercises for the neck can help prevent the recurrence of neck pain. Prolonged sitting, computer and smartphone use can lead to weakening of some neck muscles and tightness of other neck muscles.  Often, the treatment plan for neck and upper back pain is to improve the strength and flexibility of the neck and upper back muscles with tailored, individualized exercises.

We encourage our patients to get involved in their treatment, empowering them to improve their health and wellness.

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